Jayantika Soni

Jayantika Soni



TOPICS OF INTEREST : Renewable Energy, Power and Energy Control, Microgrids, Disruption, Modern grids, Startups, Hardware startup

WHICH TECHNOLOGY HAS THE POTENTIAL TO DISRUPT THE CURRENT STATUS QUO IN YOUR FIELD? Technologies that address too much of renewable energy in the grid

VISIONS FOR THE FUTURE OF ENERGY : I think we can move to at least 50% renewable energy in next 10 years

EXCITING CURRENT PROJECTS : Smart solutions for energy generation management

WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE LIKED TO KNOW WHEN YOU STARTED YOUR CAREER IN ENERGY? I majored in electrical engineering in my bachelors at IIT, Varanasi. I worked with an oil company for 2 years before moving to Singapore for a Ph.D. in power and energy. I worked on making deployment of renewable energy easier during my PhD. I have translated that research to industry application through my startup Resync. At Resync, we do energy management for systems with multiple energy sources like solar, batteries, diesel generators, and grid