Adriana Karpinska



Energy Demand & Economic Growth Associate

TOPICS OF INTEREST : Energy generation in terms of Myanmar communities, Advancements on Electrification efforts, Usage of data on energy

WHICH TECHNOLOGY HAS THE POTENTIAL TO DISRUPT THE CURRENT STATUS QUO IN YOUR FIELD? Decentralised energy systems that are managed locally through advanced monitoring technology are able to power household consumption, commercial activities and industrial processes. Electronic payment systems and various technologies enable consumers to be able to use energy when in need (i.e. through consumption management and flexible tariff systems). These are crucial factors to the advancement in decentralised energy sector.

VISIONS FOR THE FUTURE OF ENERGY : To have a reliable and affordable energy service that is not dependent on fossil fuels but on location specific indigenous resources. The generation of electricity would be in close proximity to customers who can use or store or even to sell the energy at their disposal.

EXCITING CURRENT PROJECTS : Rural Electrification in Myanmar

WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE LIKED TO KNOW WHEN YOU STARTED YOUR CAREER IN ENERGY? I am hardly ready to give an advice yet. But, in general, I would have liked to know where to access for available technology resources on off-grid electrification. It would also have been great to have a community of women professionals who I can seek opinions and/or advices from