What is the specific problem you are addressing?

Cooling/heating systems are a major energy sink for hotels, with guest energy room consumption accounting for up to 40-80% of total building energy use. In response, SensorFlow aims to minimise HVAC energy wastage due to guest behaviour, as well as provide real-time operational insights that enable preventative maintenance, data tracking on energy savings and efficient HVAC energy management and automation.

What is your offering and how does it transform/disrupt the energy sector?

SensorFlow offers a wireless, retrofit building management solution to automate any hotels' A/C system with proven savings of up to 30% in their A/C energy bills. Our solution can easily be retrofitted within minutes per room with no disruption to operations and at no upfront cost.

What is the underlying technology that you are using?

We offer a full-stack, wireless IOT solution that reactively automates A/C systems based on individual hotel room's live conditions.

What are the partnerships that you are seeking?

We are currently looking to build partnerships with international hotel franchises and relevant distributors to expand our target market throughout SEA and scale up our operations.

Katarina Hasbani