What is the specific problem you are addressing?

Currently there is no real time information on customer behavior inside gas/hydrogen/electric stations.

What is your offering and how does it transform/disrupt the energy sector?

Petrol stations currently use either manual counting or sensors to get information on customer behavior, but these techniques or neither reliable nor cost-efficient. Parquery analyzes any image from any already-installed camera in petrol stations to provide real-time data for the monitoring of gas/hydrogen/electric stations (how long does a vehicle stay at a pump / availability of dispensers in real time / peak hours and off-peak hours / distinction by type of vehicle / traffic patterns inside the station). No additional infrastructure needs to be installed.

What is the underlying technology that you are using?

Parquery has developed in house innovative computer vision and deep-learning algorithms. Any image from any camera in the petrol station is analyzed (locally or on a cloud), processed, deleted and the results are conveyed to the customer either through API or via dashboard with structured statistics.

What are the partnerships that you are seeking?

Parquery currently has more than 40 projects in 19 countries worldwide. We are looking for new customers to accelerate our growth. Our next investment round (Series A / Q1 2018) will also enable us to open new offices in the US and in SE Asia.

Katarina Hasbani