Peggy Mischke

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TOPICS OF INTEREST : Global Energy Transition, Technology, Business Models, Finance, Africa, China, Germany, Denmark, Female Engineers at work

WHICH TECHNOLOGY HAS THE POTENTIAL TO DISRUPT THE CURRENT STATUS QUO IN YOUR FIELD? It depends on which market you are looking at. Solar PV, Energy Storage, Decentralisation and Digitalisation has the potential to disrupt the current status quo.

VISIONS FOR THE FUTURE OF ENERGY : The future is bright for all clean energy solutions for those who are able to bring the most qualified, diverse talents and emerging technology solutions together. So, think from the global perspective, act fast, and create with local routes.

EXCITING CURRENT PROJECTS : Solar energy trainings for female entrepreneurs (GFEM Madagascar), Africa Renewable Energy Investment Fund Evaluation (UK Government and private partners), NAMA Facility 5th call proposal writing and stakeholder consulting (GIZ) and more.

WHAT WOULD YOU HAVE LIKED TO KNOW WHEN YOU STARTED YOUR CAREER IN ENERGY? I would have hoped to go for networking opportunities with other female engineers, started in Germany and now working globally (with my own consulting company