What is the specific problem you are addressing?

Indian industry being second largest producer of global cement production is a key industry to reduce emissions emitted. The burning of fuels such as petroleum coke in calcination process that turns limestone into clinker, causes emissions of CO2 to the atmosphere. Also, 90%+ electricity used in the cement plants is connected to grid and produced from coal power plants. Additionally, even after solar hype, non-renewable account to 64.8% power generation in country. Cost of renewablse have overcome the thermal production with extra-benefit of extremely low carbon emissions. Together, 3-sectors including cement, power and agriculture storage is responsible for 48.5% emissions.

What is your offering and how does it transform/disrupt the energy sector?

Modern parabolic trough collectors consist of the basic components torsion boxes/tubes, cantilever arms for the mirror bearing and pre-formed glass mirror facets. This base structure has been maintained since the first installed commercial models from the 1970’s, but the modern designs are significantly more efficient due to improved materials and processes. However, the cost of implementation is still higher of the present technologies.

In contrast to the common strategy of improving and enlarging the details in the basic structure of classic collectors, engineers at CLIMATENZA are working on the development of new basic collector concepts and innovations to enable further cost reductions for heat and electricity from solar thermal power plants. New collector concepts mainly include development of new technologies for concentrators, new kinds of collector structures and implementation of alternative materials.

Leading to the advancement in the Mechanical and structural engineering, the cost of Solar parabolic trough is expected to decrease drastically. We are working to replace present days, thermal power plants with the solar thermal plants and use it as 24x7 source of electricity and for applications in industrial heat applications.

What is the underlying technology that you are using?

Concentrated solar thermal technology.

What are the partnerships that you are seeking?

We are looking for Investors to invest $850k and for the Utility, Agriculture storage and non-metallic industries including mining, cement, steel, iron and chemical industries as our customers.

Katarina Hasbani