Lifi Led Cote d'Ivoire

What is the specific problem you are addressing?

Energy poverty and lack of internet Access.

What is your offering and how does it transform/disrupt the energy sector?

We are bringing an innovative technology which is unic . Lifi led through Solar light and efficient bulb solve many problems at the same Time . It permits to offer a clean and affordable lighting system while providing internet and digital content . With lifi led we reduce energy poverty while contributing to increase Access to information.

What is the underlying technology that you are using?

LiFi technology provides high-speed Internet connectivity using everyday light bulbs and specialized receivers. Unlike Wi-Fi, which uses radio LiFi relies on the visual light spectrum.

What are the partnerships that you are seeking?

We are looking for public ,private partners to scale up our business over Ivory coast and in neighbouring countries in Africa . We are seeking for 5 millions euros to build a Factory of Led lampsnand equipments in the country . We are also looking for technical assistance .some Companies interested for joint venture are also welcome.

Katarina Hasbani