What is the specific problem you are addressing?

Glowee is a French biotech startup tackling the challenges of electricity for lighting (accounting for 15% of the world’s electricity consumption and 5% of global CO2 emissions) by offering new luminous energetic services based on bioluminescence (the ability of natural organisms, as fireflies, to make light).

What is your offering and how does it transform/disrupt the energy sector?

At the crossroads of biomimicry and synthetic biology, our technology based on living optimized bioluminescent microbes enable to fully rethink the way we produce, consume and enlighten while relying on the solid grounds of biomimicry and circular economy.

Our ambition: to create the urban landscape of tomorrow.

Glowee targets the markets concentrating the main ecological and economical problematics, while impacting numerous final users: outdoor lighting (public spaces) and buildings. Within those markets, Glowee will be a perfect fit for uses where light enables to enhance, give visibility and indicate (on facades, underground areas, urban property and signage) .

What is the underlying technology that you are using?

Bioluminescence is a DNA ruled reaction enabling various living organisms (fireflies, glow-worms, and over 80% of deep-sea’s animals) to produce and emit light. At Glowee, we created a bacterial raw material able to make bioluminescence over time, to offer an ecological and self-sufficient source of light. Our core expertise is synthetic biology, which enables us to build new pathways into the genome of our bacteria to optimize the intensity and the stability of the light they emit, and to reduce the constraints around their use. Our technology has two main advantages: an outstanding quality of light, and a much lower carbon footprint over the whole value chain of the product.

What are the partnerships that you are seeking?

Investors able to set up zones in different cities worldwide.

Katarina Hasbani