Building the future of energy … With women

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The energy sector is on the brink of a new era of innovation and inclusion of all the talent we have available is the only way forward. To be successful, energy companies need equal gender representation on their board, in senior management and advisory positions. Bringing female talent will ensure that companies have a different perspective towards business challenges, an expertise that will create value in the midst of an energy conundrum we will be facing in the next few decades.  

The energy sector transformation is an endeavour of gigantic proportions. We are changing the way energy sector operates with digital, decentralised and clean energy solutions claiming their place in an industry that sees an investment at the range of 2 Trillion USD annually.

The changes ahead will break down energy majors, national monopolies and create new types of companies, without assets, working across borders and much closer and in cooperation with the final customers, businesses or households.

We know energy companies will require:

  • Talent capable of managing and executing on the transformation

  • New, digital technologies sourced outside of traditional large corporations, and

  • The ability to build collaborations in a new value chain with a lot of ambiguity.

According to a 2017 report published by The Boston Consulting Group in collaboration with the World Petroleum Council, women only represent about a fifth of the employee workforce in the oil and gas industry. This is significantly small as compared to other sectors. The energy sector is failing to fully tap into a large and critical pool of talent,

Today’s CEOs of energy companies don’t sleep well at night, because they know that their current staff, mostly male, with technical and engineering degrees, will be challenged to deliver the level of agility and adaptability required. Some voices in the UK for example, have already raised concerns that we are losing against climate change because energy companies lack women in management roles.

At Enrupt, we want to support those who are looking for female talent and showcase women who are building the future of energy. We will feature monthly women we admire and future energy leaders, starting with 3 fantastic women:

Csilla Kohalmi Monfils is heading new business and digital for Engie Asia Pacific and supporting its ambition to become the world’s first decentralized utility.

Ramona Liberoff has an amazing track record in energy innovation close to startups, including with Germany’s Innogy.

Jayantika Soni is the co-founder of RESync which builds energy management solution for decentralised, digital energy systems.

It’s time for action. The energy sector needs to take strong measures to ensure it stays relevant in the changing times. The first step forward is to have clear recruiting targets to ensure gender equality and ensuring strong HR policies for attracting and retaining women. Companies like Shell and Chevron are shining examples with targets to have 50% female recruitment.  

Every energy company needs to audit its policies and mindsets.  A mass overhaul will accelerate the energy sector on its evolutionary journey.

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Katarina Hasbani