5 technologies transforming the future of energy

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Over the last few years, we have witnessed a rapid transformation in the global energy landscape. With cutting edge technology and fast paced development, tech-startups are at the forefront of this change. These startups bring clean, decentralized and digital technologies to the sector, accelerating innovation in a traditional energy industry. Singapore, with its strong foundations in R & D and digitalization, is leading on this forefront of change and cultivating a rich ecosystem for energy startups to thrive.

The Shell IdeaRefinery Programme was launched in Singapore to nurture the local innovation ecosystem by identifying and mentoring startups impacting the energy industry and helping generic technology startups pivot solutions to the energy sector. The programme was designed and delivered by Enrupt.

Over two months ago, 29 companies were shortlisted on the basis of their technology and ability to deliver value towards energy sector transformation. Ten of these startups went through a tailored curriculum delivered by Enrupt and mentoring sessions with industry experts to explore a product- market fit in the energy sector. Out of these companies, the following five startups were shortlisted to present at the Demo day on 1 November 2018.

AVA Asia

Artificial Intelligence is the future of energy. Startups across the globe are exploring different avenues for its deployment. Some of its use cases include grid management, customer engagement, maintenance and predictive analytics and interface between decentralised assets and the main network. Shell IdeaRefinery Demo Day participant  AVA Asia, uses AI to see the unseen. Its solution is digitising manufacturing plants and pipelines to improve situational awareness.


Like every other sector, the energy industry struggles with Workflow process optimisation and startups fronting this technology have a ticket to the energy sector. Currently, the energy sector workforce still depends on paper based process trails which leaves a high margin for error. Stringent health and safety requirements of the industry call for a solution that can eliminate man-made errors. Chektec is supporting key site processes and tasks with analytics and workflow management, enhancing health, safety, security and environment policies.


Combination of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions will reduce energy carbon footprints in the construction sphere.  The key solution is to reduce CO2 emissions awhile improving comfort for the end users. NODIS is making buildings more efficient and carbon neutral with nanoparticle enabled coloured smart glass which can generate electricity.


Transport as a service and superfast electricity- based technologies are the basis of smart cities across the globe. The adoption is driven by decreasing vehicle ownership and a need for last-mile solutions which can carry goods and people while keeping  low CO2 emissions and are easily accessible. QIQ Global offers “Transport-as-a-Service” ecosystem with ultracapacitor-powered vehicles and a superfast charging network.


Introducing Data analytics into mainstream processes  can offer insights that improve operations and drive down CO2 emissions in shipping and port operations. Both of these are heavy energy consumers and key customers and partners of energy companies.  ShipsFocus is simplifying complex tanker (ship and terminal) operations using predictive analytics based on historical and present data.

What do these startups have in common? They combine innovative hardware (drones, sensors, new charging technologies, smart glass) with digital capabilities to transform business models in energy. That’s how they drive transformation of the energy industry.

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About Shell IdeaRefinery

Shell IdeaRefinery is a leading energy-focused accelerator programme that aspires to increase the mix of energy startups in Singapore. The programme hopes to bring like-minded individuals together to deliver innovations with a positive impact on our shared energy future.

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